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Facebook Spy Messages

Once upon a time, Facebook was one of the most entertaining and fun places. But ever since cybercriminals laid their eyes on this platform, it has become a nightmare.

Adults can easily manage their profiles on Facebook, but it is not safe for kids. They should not use it without any adult supervision. If your kids are using Facebook secretly, it can be a very problematic situation.

You need to keep an eye on them. They can be chatting with strangers. Sharing all their personal information with them. They might be in some grave danger.

Most of the kids avoid talking to their parents when they are being bullied or facing any other problem.

You need to check their Facebook to know if they are in any problem. If they don’t share their password with you, there is another option.

You can use the SpyCell app to spy on their phone. If they use Facebook form the phone, you will be able to get all the details. You can use the Facebook Spy option to do it.

Facebook Spy

Facebook Spy
Facebook Spy

It is the most popular spying feature. Many parents use this feature to check their child’s Facebook. It helps them to keep their kids safe.

By using this feature, you can keep a watch on all their Facebook activities. You can read their chats, check their profile, and do much more.

This feature is discreet and free to use. You can use this feature secretly. Your kids will be unaware of your spying activities.



You can do many things with a Facebook Spy feature. Many parents use this feature to spy on their kids.

  • Chats: You can use this option to record all the Facebook chats. You can read the chats as well as have a record.
  • Activities: You can also check other Facebook activities by using this feature. You can check the profile.
  • Personal Information: You can get personal information about the people your kids are chatting with. You can check their picture, name, and other details.
  • Date: All the Facebook activities and chats are monitored with proper date and time. You can keep a record of all the activities.

How to Use Facebook Spy?

If you want to use the Facebook Spy feature, you need to install the SpyCell app. There are a few steps that you can follow to use this feature. The steps are different for Android and iPhone.

Spy on Facebook for Android

Spy on Facebook for Android
Spy on Facebook for Android

If you are using Facebook Spy for android phones, you have to download and install the app. After it is done, you can start spying.

Step 1: Download

To get started with the spying, you have to download the app on the phone. The link is given on the SpyCell website at spycell.net. Once you have the phone with you, enable sources. After that, disable Play Protect. Once these things are done, download the app on the phone.


Step 2: Install

The second step is installation. After downloading the file, you need to install it. So go to the folder, open the file and install it on the phone.

Step 3: Sign up

After the installation is done, you have to connect the app. To do this, you need to open the app on the phone. After that, use the register or sign up option. You have to create an account in the app. To enter all the details and complete the process. The last this you need to do is sign in and close the app. Don’t forget to hide the icon.

Step 4: Log in

After all the setup is done, you can log in from the web. You can use any device to log in. Sue your credentials to log in to your account.

Step 5: Facebook Spy

Once you log in, you will reach the control panel. There will be various options on the list. You have to choose Facebook Spy to get all the information form the Facebook app.

Spy on Facebook for iPhone

Spy on Facebook for iPhone
Spy on Facebook for iPhone

If you want to use Facebook Spy in an iPhone, you can complete the installation using cloud details.

Step 1: Sign up

You don’t have to download the app when spying on iPhone. Moreover, you can directly start with registration. You need to create a spying account. The link is given on the SpyCell site. Use the link and complete the process.

Step 2: Cloud Panel

After completing the registration process, you need to use the cloud panel option. In that option, you have to directly enter the cloud credentials from the phone. After that, the phone will automatically connect with the app.

Step 3: Log in

After the connection is set up, you can use the app for spying. To use the app, you have to log in. Login form the web using your credentials.

Step 4: Facebook Spy

This is the final step once you log in. Use the Facebook Spy option to start spying on Facebook activities.



This is a simple process to spy on Facebook. Follow these steps and start spying on Facebook using Facebook Spy option.