2 Ways to Spy on Facebook Messages without The Phone

2 Ways to Spy on Facebook Messages without The Phone

Facebook is a social media platform that helps individuals to stay in touch with each other. You can use this app to make new friends or connect with your old ones.

However, it is safe if you keep your account private and avoid talking to unknown people.

Cyber-criminals use Facebook to trap innocent people. They create fake accounts and send a request to their targets.

If you accept their request, you will fall into big trouble.

However, there are many kids who don’t take safety into consideration while using Facebook. They accept each and everyone’s request.

To sure they are using Facebook responsibly, you need to spy on them. The best approach is to directly spy on their Facebook as it will be less suspicious.

It will help you to check their messages and to know if they are already talking to strangers. Along with messages, you will get other information as well, which will help you in better parental control.

There are plenty of ways to spy on Facebook. Most of the methods are online as it is an online social media platform.

Spy on Facebook
Spy on Facebook

Two Ways to Spy on Facebook

While there are plenty of ways to spy on Facebook, not every method is safe and easy. There are many illegal methods that you need to avoid. You have to use easy methods so that you can keep your spying activities a secret.

Here are two ways by which you can spy on Facebook easily without getting caught or any other complications.

Brute Force Attack

Brute Force Attack
Brute Force Attack

This is by far the easiest method. If you don’t want to use any technology or software to spy on Facebook, this method is perfect. In this method of spying, you don’t have to use any tools.

It is one of the oldest methods of spying which still works. The success of this method depends on your guessing ability.

If you are close to your kids or partner, you can use this method. In this method of spying, you need to guess their Facebook password.

This way, you can access their account and check all their messages. To use this method, you need to use your own personal phone.

Go to the Facebook login page at https://www.facebook.com/login/ and enter their email id or username. After that wreck your brain for a fitting password. Some of the common passwords are pet names and dates of birth.

Try the password. If you are successful, you can log in and check all their messages. If you are unsuccessful, you can use the second method.

You can try to Facebook Password Bruteforce Tool in the video below:

Spying Software

Spying Software
Spying Software

Spy Cell is another way to spy on Facebook. It is a modern technique of spying. Most people use this method to spy. Spy Cell Software is a spying application that helps you to spy on anything on a phone.

So if your kids are using a Facebook app on their phone, you have 100% chances of spying on their Facebook.

First, you need to install Spy Cell on their phone. You have to secretly download it on their phone and install it.


If they have an iPhone, you can remotely connect the app with their iCloud.

After you set up everything, you need to register for an account. Once you are done, you can log in and use the Facebook Spy option.

This option will provide you with all the information from the Facebook app on their phone to your account.

You can read their messages and view all their activities. This way, you can easily spy on them without leaving any evidence. It is one of the safest and easiest method of spying on Facebook.

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